How To Install & Use SVN On LINUX

Download and install TortoiseSVN ( Create a folder where you are going to store all the files / documents you will use via TortoiseSVN (e.g. svnProjects) Checkout subversion (this should only be done once):

>> svn checkout

It will then create a directory structure in the current folder. Everytime you want to commit (save) something you first need to make an update to the folder in order to get the newset version of its files / content.

>> svn update

>> svn update [file | directory]

Should any conflicts show up during folder update, you will need to solve them before committing any new work. Whenever you finish your work and want to send it to the server you need to commit.

 >> svn commit

 >> svn commit [file | directory]

It will then ask for a comment — here you can write what changes have you made to the folder content / files. If you want to copy files to somewhere else without version control directories (.svn/_svn), you can send this command:

>> svn checkout --force

To add a new file/directory and then commit:

 >> svn add [file | directory]

 >> svn commit [file | directory]

If not using Linux, then Windows client can be found here: